High Tea Menu

Royal George High Tea

Fried Fillet of Haddock Tartare (G,E,F,Mu) £16.95
Poached Fillet of Salmon (F,M) £16.95
Golden Fried Scampi with Lemon (G,Cr,E,M,Mu) £15.35
Traditional Sausage, Bacon, Egg and Black Pudding (G,E,Mu) £14.60
Rich Macaroni Cheese topped with grilled Cheese (G,E,M,Mu) £12.35
Chicken Maryland (G) £17.35
Grilled Gammon Steak (E,Mu) £15.65
The Royal George Mixed Grill (G,E,M,Mu,Su) £21.95
Chefs Home made Beef Steak Pie (C,G,E,M,Mu,So) £17.25
Royal George Roast of the Day (C,G,E,M,Mu,So) £17.60
Vegetarian Dish of the Day £15.60
Grilled Lamb Cutlets (G,M,Mu,Su) £17.95
Omelette of Choice (E,M) £12.25
Chefs cold Meat selection and seasonal Salad (E,Mu) £13.95

All of the dishes above are served with tea or coffee and toast followed by fresh scones, creamed scones and home made creamed meringues.

Served daily from 4-8pm. Whilst bookings are not always required they are recommended for the weekends.

Allergen Key: C=Celery G=Gluten Cr=Crustaceans E=Eggs F=Fish L=Lupins M=Milk Mo=Mollusc Mu=Mustard TN=Tree Nuts P=Peanuts SS=Sesame Seeds So=Soya Su= Sulphates